The research faculty and staff associated with the Center have been involved in an array of research projects related to the missions of the Center. Click on each project’s title to the right to be directed to each project’s homepage.
One comprehensive and multifaceted research project is designed to investigate bullying. Areas of bullying of interest to the Center are school-based bullying, cyberbullying, and LGBT bullying.  Much of this work has been conducted in one urban school district and some of the primary components are:

  • Preventive intervention for students who have been victimized by bullies.
  • Individualized counseling for bullies.
  • Surveys and assessment instruments related to bullying.
  • Interviews of educators, professionals, and students.

For further information on the Bullying Project, visit the Bullying Project page or contact Dr. Kris Varjas:

Atlanta is a center of activities related to the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC). As a result, the Center is committed to engaging in research designed to address this challenging problem. We are working with local schools to conduct needs assessments and to develop and implement interventions designed to prevent CSEC and its negative effects.

For further information or questions regarding Project P.R.E.V.E.N.T., please visit the Project P.R.E.V.E.N.T. page or contact Dr. Ann Kruger:

In an effort to uncover the roots of the development of youth violence, an interdisciplinary team of faculty and graduate students from the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education & Human Development has developed the Prevention Intervention Group Survey. This research team has used this survey in a number of school districts to provide information about the development of youth violence in these systems and to yield data concerning the reliability and validity of this instrument. The survey is available in both Spanish and English and is designed to obtain information about violent behaviors, risk factors, resilience factors and a range of social and emotional outcomes in students.

For further information or questions regarding the Prevention-Intervention Group Survey, please contact Dr. Gabe Kuperminc:

The Success For All Students initiative is designed to provide prevention and intervention strategies that reduce the risk factors that can come between children and their ability to learn, both in the classroom and at home.  The initiative is aimed at providing:

  • Safe school environments and violence prevention
  • Social, behavioral and emotional supports for students
  • Social and emotional learning programs for early childhood
  • Alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention activities
  • School based mental health services.

The Center for School Safety is involved in a consultation role with the initiative, and provides evaluative, reporting and support services to counties involved with the initiative.

For further information or questions regarding the Success For All Students Project at the Center for School Safety, please visit the Success For All Students Project page or contact Dr. Joel Meyers: