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School Lockdown

Mandated Lockdown Drills

Georgia does not currently require schools to organize or report active shooter drills. At the request of Cobb County sophomore Niles Francis, State Senator Horacena Tate introduced a bill late in the legislative session which mandated lockdown drills statewide. While the bill did not pass this round, both chambers have formed study committees to explore school safety policies. The Center for School Safety’s Catherine Perkins, Ph.D., suggests that active shooter drills be incorporated into developmentally appropriate school safety plans in which drills are announced ahead of time and participation is optional.

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The Hidden Threat of Teacher Stress

Nearly half of all teachers say they experience high levels of stress daily. Not only are teachers expected to support student growth and development through academic lessons, but managing classroom behavior, coordinate with other adults, and keep a running record of everything they do. Tack on the added stress of recent school shootings and you have a recipe for increased physical and mental health symptoms.

What are the implications for teachers? What can be done? Center for School Safety students Brandi Ansley and Kate McPhee discuss research findings in, “The Hidden Threat of Teacher Stress”, on The Conversation.

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